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Every medical device has open source software and commercial third party libraries installed. Each of these libraries introduce vulnerabilities that can be exploited.  Hackers can gain access to medical devices by using an already known vulnerability in one of these libraries.


Cyber Protek allows you to check your devices for known vulnerabilities and possible threats and gives you access to public and private vulnerability databases that are healthcare specific.


We look for vulnerabilities at regular intervals even after the device hits the market and alert the manufacturer to new vulnerabilities in their devices. By taking a proactive approach with Cyber Protek, manufacturers can patch the libraries before hackers can exploit them. 


Because it’s not just information that's at risk; It's patient's health. 




  • Maintain Compliance with FDA Premarket and Postmarket Guidances

  • Fulfill customer and MDS² requirements 

  • Take a proactive approach to device cybersecurity

  • See vulnerabilities before hackers do

  • Automated vulnerability scanning

  • Real time alerting of new vulnerabilities in your device

  • Uses a combination of public and private vulnerability databases

  • AI based fuzzy matching and ranking for vulnerabilities

  • Medical devices focus

  • MOU with the FDA through MedISAO

  • Medical devices focused

  • Developed with ISO 13485 certified quality management system

  • Easy to use dashboard

  • Integrates easily with standard complaint handling process and AAMI TIR-57 vulnerability Handling process

Create vulnerability reports

See all known vulnerabilities in a device

Import SBOMs or generate them automatically

Reveal Vulnerabilities 


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